A 2019 Summer Solstice Whale Message

Solstice, Plasma and Self-Love

Summer Solstice whale Message 2019

The Sun is Here to Help Us

A recent Summer Solstice message from the whales provides us a clue of where to look for new and unprecedented energy sources to fortify our changing bodies. Many of us on the spiritual and evolutionary path to wellness recognize we are 'not in Kansas anymore'.  Potent ubiquitous sources of life force energy would indeed be well received to aid in the shifts of consciousness.  The Whale Solstice message from Herman is calming and reassuring. It has me considering an entirely new paradigm in personal energy management.

Plasma The Fifth Element

Perhaps you remember attending ancient mystery schools or recall the writings of Plato and other ancient philosophers.   In addition to earth, air, fire, and water there was the talk of a fifth element. 'Aether" was considered the 5th natural element. The concept of aether was used to explain among other things the travel of light and gravity. This element was postulated to permeate all throughout space providing the medium for light to travel.  Today, current metaphysicians, biofield experts and ascension guides are suggesting that this element may very well be what we call Plasma?

How do the solstice, plasma, and self-love relate to each other?  Let’s let Herman explain.  In coming blog posts we will be taking a closer look at plasma and color as intelligent light. We explore how to reawaken these higher sensory perceptions. Stay tuned for more great tips from Herman. You can sign up here to stay current.

Listen to Herman's Solstice Message

My special gift to you is a meditation I received over the weekend. I recommend you sit back, relax and listen preferably with headphones to the message as I received it.  A copy of the transcript is provided below.


A copy of the transcript is provided below.

Soften your eyes, as we know that brightens the pineal gland and our inner triad. Relax the jaw, as we know it creates space in your spine, your central column of light. Drop your chin a little bit and lengthen it

Let's call upon the protection and the love of the whales to surround us, to amplify and to mirror what our hearts are doing and perceiving. They too are birthing a new set of babies this year. They are very encouraged to share with them now that they will be able to connect with humans. It's possible. It's coming.

Hearting is being established around the planet we have seeded this concept well….. We master gardeners of planetary consciousness. We may be blessed with great gardens this year; gardens in the land, gardens in our heart, gardens in our family, gardens where we appreciate the elements. Where we tune in and share our unity consciousness together. Bringing that unity consciousness in….. even to a greater degree

You can watch it travel in the coming days, the plasma. You may choose to instead of watch television or the news. Say, I am going to watch how the plasma is coming in, in the rainbow waves into my cells.

It would be much more magical. We invite you to do this. Your perceptions are opening so that actually this ability is available to you.

It’s available for you to see the sun in its glory. The sun as a portal system. The sun as a consciousness body that also needs your consciousness to shine.

So as you shine you allow your sun, you allow that part of yourself to emanate who you are with so much self love.

There is just no one like you. No flower, nothing that is uniquely like you. This fortifies the sun, this mutual reception. The sun is a big consciousness and you all have the sun inside of you.

So as use shine, as you connect with the sun and the shining part of yourself,

that connection with the sun during this solstice, you becomes stronger. Your identity of your solar self can come in.

And this will be wonderful. A wonderful sense of self and affirmation and as you ground the energy with the earth, the energy may become very stable, grounded and fortified.

So you may watch that as you're in your garden or standing outside as you are a pillar of the sun, during this full moon, during the solstice, and during the upcoming new moon eclipse in July.

Observing your solar essence will be fascinating. The plasma is coming from the sun. Although there's plenty of plasma that does not emanate from the sun, as plasma is everywhere in space. The plasma coming from the sun is specially linked to your cells.

This communication, this intelligence, is wondrous to open. Feel this just like you experience how good it feels to connect with the earth as you dig your bare feet into the earth, while lying on the earth, and appreciating the beauty of the Earth.

You’ll begin to find the resonance of what happens when you are also that intimate with the sun and these plasma frequencies. It may begin to feel delicious, to feel welcomed, appreciated, honored and just simply restored.

Yes the plasma frequencies can restore as the sun restores you. Your father, your divine masculine, that energy that you are helping to move and anchor across the planet in your voice, in your step in your thoughts, and in your dreams. The solar masculine energy is coming to support you.

It has long been away from having the ability to be intimate with you. And it's coming home . Welcome it. Make space for it, in your hearts. And so it is. Blessings

Happy Solstice and enjoy the Sun!  Follow Herman's Hearting Tips and see what else he has to say.

If you’re interested in pursuing spiritual consulting further or opening this type of communication in your life, I am here to help.

Wisdom, Wellness and Whales

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  1. Mary Anne on June 18, 2019 at 10:06 am

    Wonderful Solstice plasma meditation!
    Thank you Kerry and Herman…

    • Kerry Keegan on June 18, 2019 at 1:44 pm

      Thanks Mary Anne! Glad I was able to post it before the upcoming Solstice!

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