Seeing through the Eyes of a Whale – A Teaching

Looking through my personal journal I realized that about a month before my first encounter with Herman, which I wrote about here, I wrote this in my diary: Think like a whale and watch the movie ‘Whale Rider’. In addition to this foreshadowing of my encounter with Herman, another came as a message from a dear friend and colleague. We were exchanging shamanic journeys as part of our professional development and he reported to me, “Kerry I only get one image for you. It is the eye of a whale.” Week after week this was his report.

Today, I am sharing how a whale walked me through remembering how to heal my body and bring it back to life. To do this, I will jump to a very recent teaching from Herman. This teaching, seeing through the eyes of a whale, occurred six years after our initial meeting. I refer to this seeing as wearing magic Herman glasses. As is the case with many teachings, this one has a multi-faceted theme. Let me share how it was revealed to me.

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Whale

Humans have lost an innate ability we once possessed: To use our eyes. Of course, we use our eyes in the typical way that we see the world in front of us; however, this is only a basic function. The eyes can serve us in many more ways than this.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. So, using the analogy of a window, we release energy through our eyes and we also receive energy in this window for our soul. Think of the energy coming and going as light through a window. Just as a room is illuminated by the light that spills into it, our soul is nourished by what we take in. Also, much energy is ejected through our eyes in the process of seeing. We must learn to how to use our eyes differently, how to perceive differently, and how to use and understand the energy as it travels in and out of the windows of our eyes.

Before proceeding to wear a high-vibe set of magic whale glasses, there are some simple steps to master. Below is how this enlightenment came to me.

Steps to Master Before Wearing Magic Whale Glasses


Exhale, soften the eyes, not looking at anything.

Relax your jaw, signaling to your nervous system to let go.

Come to a state of equanimity and balance in the body.

You are not trying to perceive;

Allow being to settle,

Take a nice deep breath.

Let us enter our heart.

As we enter our heart, we enter our group consciousness field.

The whales provide divine protection.

As we are in kindergarten,

We have a nice teaching protected space

So that we may explore these areas of grace and wonder.

Soften your eyes even more

So that we can activate your pineal, thalamic and hypothalamic connections.

Feel the heart of whales beaming you with smiles

Hathor, our friends residing on Venus,

Grandfather whale, grandmother whale, Gaia;

Feel the connection of all

Light, color, fibers,

A neural network of sorts

Bringing in and sharing simply and effortlessly what we desire and what we experience.

It is your choice what you choose to experience.

Our words are just examples;

Take your sovereign right always in whatever we say.

Look at this neural network

To the heart of the whale,

Neural net of light,

Spiral the connection of the hearts of all the consciousness here today.

Allow your heart to go deeper into the body,

Your eyes to soften more

Breath as you are breathing with Herman.

Now, go ahead and look out through his eye.

It is a very different world through his eyes.

Imagine at first,

Imagine what it might look like, looking out,

Everyone falling in love with you as your gaze meets

A life-changing experience for anyone gazing into Herman’s eyes, feel that.

Allow the colors, the feelings to be colors, moving colors, moving in waves.

These waves create something that has never been in this particular way as something special.

There is nothing quite like it, the connection with the hearts.

See it as a fractal, spiral.

Soften your eyes even more.

Allow someone to know how to perfectly soothe them in that moment.

Let ’s put on these glasses, these glasses are quite magical.

Put on the Magic Herman Glasses

Imagine the eyeglasses from the inside of the lens to your eyes are giving you a radionics massage. From the lens outward, these magic glasses allow you to see how Herman sees. The combination of the two energies emerging from the glasses can train your eyes to see a little grander, a little wider. You may be able to see emotions. You are doing this with your body, your voice, the healing tones of your voice, the energy of your body and feet. You are becoming sensitive to all that you have available to you in the human body.

Of course, the weekly teachings I share with you here often took me months to master in order to fully experience the depth of the subtle shifts they elicit. Next week, I will continue this teaching with you and expand on it. If you have questions or comments about seeing through Herman’s eyes, please leave them below so that I can answer them in next week’s blog post for you.

In the meantime, if you would like to:

  • become more adept at knowing if your eyes are receiving energy or emanating energy
  • know how to receive color through your eyes as a nutrient
  • understand how to set you your eyes in neutral mode (neither perceiving nor receiving)
  • understand how to conserve the large amount of precious energy you lose through your eyes
  • know how to keep your eyes emanating energy in the process of seeing

Set up a time so that we can work together. In our session, I will guide you on these points so that you can expand your visual field.


Photo Credit Jean Luc-Buzzoli


  1. Cherylann Brown on March 3, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Step by step instructions beautifully done, thank you!

  2. Kerry Keegan on March 3, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    My pleasure Cherylann, Nice feedback! I hope to include an audio version of as well for those like myself who listen to close my eyes and absorb.

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