What is your Child’s Soul Mission?

Astrology Gems for Parenting Your Child

If you are a parent, have you ever considered your child’s soul map? If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so. Think of the soul map as simply a picture of the sky the moment of birth. With the date, time and even location of a person’s birth, the soul map is revealed, and it says much about an individual. As we look deeper to the individual, considering how one’s soul map impacts every aspect of their life stream, we are able to harvest valuable information and wisdom, understanding the ancient hermetic axiom “As above, so below.“ It is a beautiful thing, these paths reflected in our skies. As a parent of three boys, this was one of my most valuable tools in parenting.

Once you have your child’s soul map, you can making the following considerations in a new, clearer context. This provides you as a parent invaluable insight into how to best navigate the parent-child relationship, support your growing child and even strengthen the both you have with them.

Consider the following with your child in the context of their soul map:

  • Actions and activities that nurture and sooth your child.
  • What you can do to show your child love.
  • Activities that excite and motivate your child.
  • The best methods for your child to learn and communicate.
  • An optimal structure and framework that allows your child to thrive.
  • Your child’s sensitivities.
  • What helps your child embrace and transmute change.
  • Healing methods to help your child overcome past traumas.
  • Ways to foster emotional balance in your child.
  • Actions that optimize and balance the parent-child relationship.

I encourage you to open this door and discover the insights available in your child’s birth chart. It can provide you with a window into their world, allowing you to create ease and harmony for your children. And as a parent myself, I know this deserves our every effort.

I would love to help you discover this wisdom. Please contact me today to set up a time to discuss your child’s soul map in an intuitive astrological session. This makes a great gift for the parents of a newborn.

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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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