One World, One Language, All Beings

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It is humans, not whales, that need saving and our cetacean friends are here to assist us. In fact, whales assist us daily because they love us deeply and they want to help every human on the planet feel unconditional love. Whales have never left the planet or experienced near mass extinction like humans have. They have witnessed the human journey and hold our true history. Our beloved planetary elders wait patiently, hearting all the while, until we awaken again. Whales truly hold this desire in their hearts. They desire to restore the interspecies communications that they yearn for us as much as we do!

In Search for the Universal Planetary Language

My search for the universal planetary language started early in life. One of my greatest wishes prior to kindergarten was that someone would create a television channel that could teach me the universal language of the planet. I knew I was only just beginning my journey here and I wanted to start learning the language so that I could avoid communication barriers as I explored and traveled the globe. I was indeed passionate about this concept of one universal language! I could not imagine I was the only one with this desire. I wondered where the other people on this planet who cared about such things were and if I would ever find them. I concluded I would have to wait and ask my first teacher.

Unfortunately, my first school teacher did not hold the answers I needed. As a result, I spent hours imagining the path and getting all people and educators on board with this concept. How could I do it? As a child I came up with an idea for a television show where I would direct the program, work in the broadcast studio, hire the teachers, musicians, dance and movement instructors, write the songs, create the games and more. My childhood passion persists, although my approach has changed when it comes to learning the universal planetary language.

The One Language Already Exists

Eventually, much to my amazement and relief, I found a brilliant teacher. If you are already familiar with Herman and our first encounter, you know this teacher did not come to me in a classroom but from the sea. Herman, the humpback whale, like all other cetaceans, trees, flowers, crystals, elementals, fairies, gnomes, sasquatch, etc. do this. It is quite a natural thing to do! It is inside of us. It is in our genes; it is our nature. It is in our heart.

I invite you to explore this language of the heart. Learn how to crack the code and begin to hear it, how to tune it and invite the finest and most generous, genuine teachers into your heart. Laugh with them, cry with them. Allow them to help us save our species!

Have Humans Forgotten Our Planetary Language?

To help you learn this universal language, I have consciously teamed up with Herman to learn from, to merge with and pass this soul love and remembrance to you through my work. In the biofeedback work I do, Herman amplifies the healing tones and frequencies to meet you precisely where you are. In my intuitive work,  Herman’s intelligence and heart opening guidance brings an outpouring of healing love more potent than any wisdom in words that I can share. There is very precious and valuable information waiting for us! Our planetary elders know who we are. They know what we are capable of because they have seen our potential! They are not a species with amnesia. They remember all, even the humans of 100,00 years ago! These majestic creatures are record keepers because they love us.

A treasure gem from Herman is that they openly desire to see us use our hearts once again, to feel love in every minute, to feel accepted 100 percent the way we are, always. This is the hope and the messages I receive from the cetaceans. The remind me that we, as humans, have forgotten how powerful we are. We have forgotten that this planet was intended and designed for humans to thrive with no labels to separate us and no boundaries to divide us.

It is up to us as visionaries to do this very important work and share this message. We must:

Recognize that we matter.

Know that where we place our attention matters.

Honor ourselves with self-love.

Cultivate our love for life.

All of these things matter; our every thought matters.

Feeling Utterly Accepted for Who We Are Before We Die

Dr. Zach Bush tells a poignant story about his experience pulling people back from dying and saving lives in the emergency room. In several completely distinct situations, an uncanny and similar message was spoken to him from his patients upon coming back to this reality, “Why did you bring me back? I experienced total love and acceptance for who I was.” That feeling, that complete acceptance and unconditional love, is what Herman and all our cetacean guides want each of us to experience now, while we are here on this planet.

If you are ready to delve deeper into your journey and would like to open your heart to learn this universal language, get in touch and let me help you get started.



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