Use Full Moon Aries-Libra Energy for Spiritual Detox

Spring Equinox Health

Use Full Moon Aries-Libra Energy for Spiritual Detox

SPRING IS HERE and it is time to initiate action. You learned why in this post about the potency of the spring equinox. Let’s get specific on how we can use this burst of Aries-Libra energy to pull things together.

Tune into the Body

Physically we are tuning and caring for associated body parts: The head for Aries, and the kidneys for Libra. We must also look at the spiritual dimension of these physical body parts for additional clues to observe and to learn more.

Two Months of Aries-Libra Energy

Of particular note is that we have two months in a row of this Aries Libra dance. That's right, both March and April full moons share this theme. The March 20th Full moon occurs at 0° Libra/Aries and the April 19th Full Moon at 29° Libra/Aries, therefore it is significant and may prove beneficial to take a clear look at what these themes offer to us or illuminate for us during this time.

It is a Matter of Balance

When I heart into these polarities, "Spiritual Detoxing" is taking the headlines as a perfect way to direct and maximize the energies. Fundamentally, full moons require balancing polarities within, as sun and moon are in opposite sections of the sky. When one of those polarities is "balance" itself well, a deep dive in all things balance is in order.

Libra: The Kidneys filter Thought

When we acknowledge ancient wisdom, we recognize all body parts have a truly spiritual function in additional to a physiological one.

If we look at ancient texts, including the Bible, we see that translators edited the term "kidneys" and replaced it with the term "thought" in several instances. What may have seemed obvious back then is not necessarily obvious to us in 2019. This translation reference not only refers to the kidneys as significant in purifying and filtering the blood, but also as instrumental in purifying and filtering our thoughts. Clearing the kidneys can clear polluted thoughts. From a medical perspective we know the kidneys provide balance for hydration levels in the blood.

For this balance to occur, the body needs water and ionic salts in constant balance.

Taking this analogy further, let's consider water as emotion, fluidity, truth and spirit of life. Let's consider salts as relating to desire, to marry together, to marry love and wisdom and to marry goodness and truth. Supporting our kidneys will assist us in balancing ourselves on several levels. We may be able to perceive and experience how our kidneys indeed have a spiritual detoxing affect.

Aries: The Pineal Gland

Now let's jump to the Aries (head) side of the polarity. If your head is anything like mine, the pineal is jumping up and down ready to wake up and get back in the game reawakened and revived.

What happens when the pineal gland turns on for you? How do you use it? What exactly can a healthy activated pineal gland do? The pineal gland, the seat of the sixth chakra, relates to the multi-dimensional self, dreams states, intuition and our connection to unified field states.

Here is one idea I would pose to my pineal gland and my newly forming relationship. Since body parts have a spiritual component, I wish to explore via a conversation with the pineal gland.

Reaching New and Higher Aspects of Warrior Energy

Let’s consider how we can revise the brave Aries archetype to serve us today. Aries is traditionally known as our masculine warrior ready to go into battle, defend the family, clan or land.  It is said Aries will go where even angels fear to tread. With two full moons in Aries/Libra this season, the time is now to put the physical combative archetype to bed. We have had enough of war and killing our own species. It is not natural. We do not find it in our DNA to kill each other. Instead, let’s commit to evolving from this archetype.

Thank you, defender of truth, Aries we have learned our lessons of war of the last several millennia. We now have permission to reach for new and higher aspects of warrior energy. Allow us to become warriors for our own soul, for each other’s souls, and warriors for our consciousness and for noninterference in our spiritual evolution.

Self-care and Taking the Spiritual Detox Viral!

Self-care to the pineal gland (and to the kidneys) may be great areas in which we can exercise self-care, nurturing and ground our energy for March and April. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this Spiritual Detox went viral?! Please share this post with friends and on your social media accounts so that we can make it so!

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