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The Essentials

The Sunflower

Astrological Reading
  • Astrological Natal Chart Reading
  • Where do I Shine?
  • Current Transits
  • Current Energy Update

The Rose

Biofeedback & Astro Wellness Session
  • Combination Package
  • Astro Reading 60 min
  • Biofeedback Voice Analysis30 min
  • Free Biofeedback Analysis Follow -Up Call 30 mIn

Consulting and Mentoring

Inspiration Package

3 Sessions
  • Biofeedback Voice Scan
  • Energy Clearing Tools
  • Personal Updates Astrological

Quantum Leap Package

6 Sessions
  • Biofeedback Voice Scan
  • Energy Clearing Tools
  • Personal Transit Updates

Cyrstalline Package

10 Sessions
  • Biofeedback Voice Scan
  • Energy Clearing Tools
  • Personal Updates Astrological
  • Personal Meditations
Light Body Master Class

Need a Quick Consult?

This option is for a "Mini" 30 minute consult on a topic you wish. Examples include, energy clearing techniques, astrological queries, physical symptoms, ascension symptoms, emotional clearing, virus scanning.

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“Kerry is far and away the most intuitive person I know. She has an amazing ability to bring clarity to what is truly happening in my world and what tweaks I need to make to live from a place of higher power and love. Just recently, I incorporated into my life one simple piece of advice from Kerry, and it miraculously made a difficult family situation I was about to face not only go well, but become a heart-filled experience. I’ve traveled all over the world and have met many people with all manner of amazing gifts, but Kerry’s gifts have a unique, love-filled power that I’ve only experienced in her presence. When you’re in her presence, your ego mind simply melts away. She’s operating on an energetic level that is so high, your body immediately readjusts to her level. I am truly grateful to have learned from her and to call her a dear friend. I would recommend working with Kerry to anyone who is interested in the truest form of transformation and insight.”

Allyson, Olso, Norway, Shanti Pax

Kerry is an exceptional example of those who are now teaching what I call “The Deep Wisdom”. It is one thing to teach, and quite another thing to teach by example. Kerry does this naturally and gracefully, with artful eloquence, and in complete ease and purity. I say ‘artful’ because it requires a very high degree of evolvement to not only hold, but impart the Divine via human language. Blessings manifest through her in the form of her highly developed awareness of, and participation with, the Higher Vibrational Beings and frequencies coming now to the Earth Realm in an exponentially increasing flow.  Woven within the words of the profound messages she imparts via her beautiful voice, are new calibrations and codings. I feel immensely enriched and transformed each time I allow myself the gift of receiving from Kerry.

Bibi T. Los Angeles, CA, thebibiblog

Kerry is wise and brings a generous Spirit to the occasion. Also, she is herself advised by Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit guides, continuously, and informed by intensive studies of Yoga, Astrology, Shamanism, and other learning paths. Kerry can and likely will offer a rich menu of options to consider. And she stays current. If I have just heard about an new app or Internet protocol, she has probably already been using it for a week and knows of a better one! I would recommend that any sincere seeker become acquainted with Kerry, and would expect you will be glad you did. Oh, and she’s brilliant, which makes the whole process more fun.

James Priestley


Kerry did a reading for our daughter who was born on 11.11.11.  She was thoughtful with her suggestions about how to best parent Annabelle based on her innate personality traits.  I was impressed with both how accessible her information was, and how thorough.  Three years later, I am even more impressed by how accurate the chart reading was.  This was a wonderful way for us to understand our daughter with more depth and compassion.

Mandy Q.

Kerry Keegan

Author & Intuitive Consultant

PO Box 1226

Scarborough, Maine 04070 US


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