Clearing Your Headspace

Clearing your Headspace

Clearing Your Headspace

I am witnessing the need for clarity in our headspace.  Many appear to need help discerning the myriad of perceptions opening up in our collective field. Whether we are clearing remnants of our intense dreams, avoiding challenging people or dealing with sourcing mysterious bodily symptoms. Our time is precious and clearing our headspace may just be the biggest challenge of the day.

Take a deep breath and a very slow exhale.  There are spiritual tools coming in through our beloved way-showers and many of them are easy and effective. New physics and science are lending helpful support explaining on a molecular level how and why these practices are effective and important. The long-awaited synthesis of science and spirituality is here now to  provide a bridge for our mental bodies which tend to cloud us with doubt. I am so grateful for the work of these new pioneers in the new physics like Bruce Lipton. Here is a recent video of what I am pointing to "Your Body Is An Illusion" This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind!

Many of Our Thoughts Are Not Our Own

Some of us are waking up to the realization that many of our thoughts are not our own. How can this be?

How can we learn to discern which ones are ours? Understanding and managing our own personal energy field is our current task.  A good place to begin is clearing out those thoughts and feelings that are not yours.

Firstly, understanding you are a sovereign being and have the ability and innate right to choose where you place your attention. And it matters greatly. The new physics and specifically quantum physics has shown us we are all connected at a cellular level. We are not separate particles we are a wave of energy. We connect with our environment through vibration. All animals and plants communicate through vibration. This communication is not limited to time and space. Plants and animals communicate over vast distances. We can too.  This arena is called communicating over the quantum field.  We can sense vibration at a distance. Many of us are quite familiar with this. For example, we often can sense something is not quite right with someone we love. It is our hearts perceiving over this quantum field. This higher perceptual ability is in all of us.  However, this perception has been turned down, uncultivated or perhaps dormant within.

Vibrational Discernment

If we were taught how to become sensitive to vibration we would likely not find ourselves in bad relationships, stuck in negative thinking or looping mental thoughts. We could use our ability to not only discern vibrations but also create healthy harmonious frequency waves. If we are asleep at the wheel, well you know what happens……….. We are seeing it in our outer world. A world not heart-centered.

Sophisticated frequencies are bombarding us in our environment at a fast unprecedented rate. Most notably the spread of fear.……… fear of so many things like disease, wars, different groups of people falsely labeled. Our porous untrained energetic bodies can easily contribute momentum within a particular thought or belief form wave that we did not consent to. Yet, we are smarter than this.  We must be. People are not separate particles as our new physics has shown. They are waves and waves become entangled with each other. We are all human, one race with hearts able to connect and generate life-affirming waves. So as we learn to choose the vibrational frequency we resonate with, positive life-affirming vibrational frequencies we can change. We must be aware that the reverse is also true.  Negative destructive life-killing waves exist. How do we discern the wave we are lending our energy to? Fortunately, we can learn and become aware. And when we do, we can change and consent only to those waves that serve us and humanity.

How do we turn our subtle innate abilities back on?

So it follows we need tools to bring back, restore and cultivate our ability to discern vibrational frequency. All organisms communicate by vibration and know if they are in a good place by reading the vibration.  Can we learn from these precious organisms? Can we learn from the plants and animals what we have forgotten? We humans have this ability.

How do we turn this ability back on? Is it even possible? What can we do if we did learn to choose the vibration we wish to experience? Could we connect with the plants and animals again as our ancestors did long ago?

Our hearts know the answers to these questions. We are only scratching the surface on what we can learn when we listen with our hearts.   This internal higher sensory perception is our gold within. It is our infinite energy source.

First Steps - Identifying thoughts that are not your own

Cultivate neutral

  1. Simply cultivate witness consciousness. Observe your thoughts? No judgment. Just observe. Stay present. Breathe and observe.
  2. Ask yourself is this thought really mine? Does it stem from a fear-based thought? Is this what I choose to experience?  Since your thoughts are things, they are vibrations which can be felt by others even from a distance. Do I wish to add momentum to that waveform? You ave the right to choose.

This is a powerful first step in moving from mental confusion to inner clarity. Please feel free to share your comments and experiences below. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of your loved ones had clarity in their headspace? Please share this post with friends and on your social media accounts so that we can make it so!

Photo by Arleen wiese on Unsplash

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