Kerry Keegan is a wellness practitioner and educator in the intuitive arts.

Her metaphysical background began in childhood. After a B.S in History and Philosophy of Science at Bard College, she studied yoga, astrology, medical astrology, alchemy, and metaphysics.

Her intuitive healing practice has been open to clients since 1992 using astrology as a springboard into the quantum or universal intelligence field.

She has led international yoga and shamanic retreats, meditation workshops, and online collaborations. Her articles have appeared on as a guest blogger.

Kerry’s first children's book is due out soon. Kerry is passionate about optimizing our personal unique expression for the well-being of all.

Kerry’s clients connect with her remotely by phone, internet or in person at her office located in Yarmouth, Maine.

Kerry is a mother to three sons and continues to travel and teach workshops in the US and abroad. Individual consultations may be scheduled here.

She can be reached at

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Kerry Keegan, Intuitive Wellness Practitioner,
Sparhawk Mill, 81 Bridge Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096


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