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Who are you and what do you offer?

I am an intuitive, astrologer, spiritual guide, and multi-species communicator based in Freeport, Maine. I offer personal sessions, workshops, online meditations, and classes. My focus is to empower people to discover the healing and co-creative potential you have within you. To remind and assist you in living the life you came here to experience. I endeavor to do this by helping you discern your own vibration and how very empowering this understanding is to your health and well-being.

What happens in an intuitive personal session?

Typically we begin by gathering your birth details and a voice scan which is simply a short recording of your voice. I then compile the empirical data of your astrological aspects, voice spectral analysis, and intuitive energetic signature. We examine aspects of your personal, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to determine the imbalances in your energetic field. We discover the most efficient was to unblock and release these imbalances. The goal is to help you understand and develop personal energetic mastery over your own body.

Is there any prerequisite to working with Kerry?

There is nothing you need to have done or have experienced to attend a meditation or request a personal session, just a personal willingness to explore the depths of who you are. I believe everyone will appreciate freeing and opening their capacity to feel, increasing one's capacity for love and self-love, and enjoying the benefits this has on all around you.

What can I take away from a personal session?

Participants have shared that after a session they feel more relaxed and centered.  Many have shared they know exactly what they want to do and focus on in their lives. They literally have found a greater love for themselves and appreciate and awe for what they came here to experience. This often provides a sense of greater awareness of their capacity to heal, open their heart, and feel more connected and spiritually stronger and more resilient. This often leads to newfound freedom of personal sovereignty.

What is my intention?

My intention is to empower anyone seeking greater clarity, spiritual connection, and/or a greater sense of belonging as an integral part of the planetary body where we live. Thank you for joining me in our learning how are connected and health hearths can make a difference in our lives and for the lives of our children.


One on one consultations begins with an astrological orientation as a starting point. From there depending on your particular situation we incorporate any of the following modalities to help you navigate your next step in your spiritual evolution and path to personal empowerment. We access celestial and planetary archetypes  and consciousnesses to assist you in clarifying particular energetic dynamics affecting your overall health.

  • Astrological: We examine your soul's blueprint to spark the remembering of why you began this journey of life and the direction you should take.

  • Intuitive Perspectives: I use my heightened ability to perceive your energetic signature and assist you at tapping into your higher consciousness.

  • Biofeedback: Using the latest cutting-edge quantum software technology to scan your energetic field allows us to customize and optimize your healing.


Kerry is wise and brings a generous Spirit to the occasion. Also, she is herself advised by Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit guides, continuously, and informed by intensive studies of Yoga, Astrology, Shamanism, and other learning paths. Kerry can and likely will offer a rich menu of options to consider. And she stays current. If I have just heard about an new app or Internet protocol, she has probably already been using it for a week and knows of a better one! I would recommend that any sincere seeker become acquainted with Kerry, and would expect you will be glad you did. Oh, and she’s brilliant, which makes the whole process more fun.

James Priestley

Online Wellness Consultant

Kerry Keegan is a pioneer in energy medicine, working as an Intuitive, Astrologer, Teacher, Metaphysician and Certified Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner specializing in multi-species collaboration, planetary solutions, and higher consciousness realities.

With years of training and experience in seeing energetic patterns and years dedicated to work with the universal bioenergetic field, Kerry focuses on clearing, balancing and wellness for her clients. In her Intuitive Consultations, Kerry provides clients with valuable information they can use to make informed decisions about health and about life.

It is Kerry’s precise intuitive insight and wisdom, along with quantum biofeedback technology, that make her consulting sessions unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Contact Kerry today for a private booking and learn how her wisdom will help you.


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