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Science shows wellness is a state of balance. Stress is the primary root cause of our state of imbalance. Whether you suffer from emotional or physical pain, chronic disease, or mental health issues, it is not your fault. The root cause of these negative physical and emotional states lies in unresolved emotions, which leads to imbalance. These emotions reside outside our body in our energetic field.

Regardless of where your imbalance is rooted – environmental, physical, psychological or spiritual – there is a solution!

Allow me to help you gain the clarity required to understand the root physical and emotional causes of disease and show you how to eradicate those factors so that you can achieve optimal wellness.

Together, we will:

  • discover the source of energy blocks in your being and remove them
  • enhance your spiritual tool kit so that you can become aware of higher consciousness realities and connect to your life force
  • restore your whole being balance
  • elevate your energy so that you feel youthful, strong and vibrant

How is this possible?

New Paradigms in Health

Starting Upstream Prior to Needing Conventional Medicine

While it may sound impossible to you, I assure you it is not. Not only have I helped countless others achieve their goal of balance and optimal health, I have also restored my own health.

Because everyone is unique there is no one-size-fits-all plan. I customize each plan and experiential pathway for every client I guide.

Online Wellness Consultant


  • Astrological: We examine your soul's blueprint to spark the remembering of why you began this journey of life and the direction you should take.

  • Intuitive Perspectives: I use my heightened ability to perceive your energetic signature and assist you at tapping into your higher consciousness.

  • Biofeedback: Using the latest cutting-edge quantum software technology to scan your energetic field allows us to customize and optimize your healing.


Kerry Keegan is a pioneer in energy medicine, working as an Intuitive, Astrologer, Teacher, Metaphysician and Certified Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner specializing in multi-species collaboration, planetary solutions, and higher consciousness realities.

With years of training and experience in seeing energetic patterns and years dedicated to work with the universal bioenergetic field, Kerry focuses on clearing, balancing and wellness for her clients. In her Intuitive Consultations, Kerry provides clients with valuable information they can use to make informed decisions about health and about life.

It is Kerry’s precise intuitive insight and wisdom, along with quantum biofeedback technology, that make her consulting sessions unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Contact Kerry today for a private booking and learn how her wisdom will help you.

Kerry Keegan Intuitive Consultant
108 Winslow Park Way
Freeport, Maine US
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