Hearting with Herman

Hearting with Herman

Book 1 of Series

Hearting with Herman introduces children to the incredible power of the human heart. In this story we are introduced to the simple act of hearting.

When Herman, a humpback whale, shares his heart song at the beach, lonely Sasha goes on a miraculous journey. She discovers the sound her heart makes is music that others can hear.

Mermaids, seafaring friends, and an earth goddess are a few of the encounters she enjoys along the way. Sasha's confidence grows in her new friendship to realize that she is never really alone.

Enjoy book one in the Hearting with Herman series. Hearts of all ages will enjoy the free companion song “A Call to the Sea” available below.

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About the Author

Kerry Keegan grew up in a small coastal village in Maine where she raised her three sons. Her passion is cultivating friends in all forms. Her greatest wish is to inspire others to discover the many treasures located within our hearts. This is the first book in the Hearting with Herman adventure series of Sasha and Herman reminding us we are never alone.


The story and illustrations come from a pure heart, bringing calm, pleasure, and peace amidst a chaotic world. Simply, elegantly lovely!

M.A. Pitt


"This is a book to be savored and gazed at for a long time. Kerry Keegan's text is clear and easy to follow; children would have no trouble understanding what is being said or its deeper meaning."

~ F. Mont

Kerry Keegan and Li Liu both receive a standing ovation for such an incredible way of introducing the beauty of our oceans to a whole new generation, in a story that can be told for many generations to come. Hearting With Herman belongs on every bookshelf which prides itself on high-quality reads. There is no doubt in my mind that young audiences around the world aged 5-12 will be captivated by this exotic journey under the sea.

R. Malezer

...loving compassion brings all living creatures together and helps define who we are as unique individuals and what we are all capable of doing. The illustrations are as charming as the story. Beautiful. Loved it!

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Coming Soon

Book #2 The Magic Singing Necklace

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