The 85 Percent Play Rule

Today, I have more whale wisdom for you from my friend, Herman. If you’re following my stories about Herman, the whale, here on the blog and in my weekly newsletter, you know who he is. If not, read this post to get caught up on who Herman is and how we met.

Herman introduced me to the 85 Percent Play Rule. According to him, it is how whales roll, pun intended. It’s a way of life for them, and it should be a way of life for us, too.

What is the 85% Play Rule?

According to this rule, we should spend 85 percent of our waking day in play! We should approach the world with the curiosity of a child as if the activities we engage in will reveal a gift, something cool and unexpected. Although this is a “rule”, there are no rules when it comes to how one defines play. That is totally up to each of us as individuals. 

Herman offered me many suggestions such as suspend belief of everything, imagine you are exploring life as a child, view the world through eyes of wonder. Really, play is any activity that causes you to say “Yes! Yes! This is fun!” Stretch out the simple joys. Beam and smile for no reason. Find a joke and have a laugh. The sky is the limit! The point is that our hearts need to be engaged in our personal definition of “play” for 85 percent of the day.

Once you start playing more, take note of the changes that occur. See the magic your heart brings. Observe how you naturally light up and how much easier life is once you allow play to become part of your daily routine. You will become open to the magic of life! You will cultivate and examine wonder. As Herman said to me, “Kerry, to find the heart’s intelligence, you need to learn the language.”

He insisted I see for myself and encouraged me to give the 85 Percent Play Rule a try before I made any judgements. I was in awe of this tip and I did not see how playing more applied to my life. If fact, I thought it was foolhardy or crazy. Of course, when you find yourself talking to a whale in your living room, logic has long since been dispensed with.

So, I ask you, like Herman asked me, to give this a try. Put that unused potential inside to good use. Play more, speak the language of the heart and learn to understand how to turn your heart on and how to turn it up and down in volume when you need to. Think of it like a any new toy or electronic equipment.

If you’re wondering about turning the heart on and off, or where the power button is located, I can tell you that this is certainly more challenging than finding the power button of my new essential oil mister or my Amazon Fire Stick. To enter the subtle realms through the heart, we must practice the preliminaries. First, learn when your heart is powered up. In my case, Herman reminded me that I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and the experience I learned in that practice can be used for more than keeping my physical and emotional body fit and energized.

Herman urged, “Take the next step. Don’t stop your awakening here. Use the discernment you developed to detect subtle shifts in the body and take it to the next level. Discern the tiniest shifts in your heart. Perhaps you notice a warmth in your chest when you’re hearing someone’s voice for the first time, perhaps a hmm or subtle vibration occurs when you are enjoying your favorite food, perhaps you notice you wish to lift your heart a small degree, say an inch or two, when you are speaking, listening or smelling your favorite flower.  The key is to value each nuance as a treasure.  These foundational heart tips are just the beginning. We are well on our way ” He has so many more tips to share that helped me.  I am making preparations to share them with you. What a different these tips can make!

Unexpected Bonus

If you’re worried playing more might mean you get less accomplished, your life may soon become more productive and efficient. That’s right! By using this approach and developing your play skills, you will become more productive, more alive, more loving, healthier and more vibrant than ever! At first, it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it is true.

In Review: Heart Opening Tips

Step 1: Be Heart-Centered

Step 2: Learn the Language of the Heart

Step 3: Commit to daily practice the 85 Percent Play Rule

Now, let me know how this goes for you. Have you been Hearting? Are you playing more? What changes are you seeing by incorporating these suggestions into your daily life?

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