My Eclipse Communication

My Eclipse Communication


I promise to get back to how I learned to listen to the heart messages of whales, but the eclipse communication I received last weekend is still blowing me away. The concepts, the energy and the ramification of the message are powerful. The bottom line is that we are collectively making progress in terms of planetary change and consciousness.

A Light Upgrade

This is great news! We are the fortunate recipients of a “light” upgrade that has been gifted to all of us. At first, these super-sensitive and adept energies may be sensed mostly by perceivers and energy workers like me.

“Essence In” the Energies

Many of us have heard the term we are “anchoring in” the energies, and even last week I wrote a post on Mastering the Eclipse Energies where I suggest that we consciously do this. Well, my experience of tuning in and perceiving eclipse energy during the full moon eclipse on Sunday surprised me. I perceived we were being gifted. Yes, we were to receive new energies, but to consider them received much like snowflakes rather than needing an anchor for they were of such a rarified quality they could be termed “essence”, or the lightest particle we could conceive of receiving.

So, I modified my term of “anchoring in” the energies to “essence in” the energies. It is still important that these energies, like all subtle energetic shifts in our energy field, be grounded in the body. Yet these new light particles have special qualities. They can release density rather than add it. They are specially calibrated so that we can begin to feel this. Additionally, these light packets being delivered are described to me as universal, as opposed to planetary.

My Eclipse Communication

The following is quite close to how I received the message.

The harmonics and vibrations of these extraordinary energetics are designed to work well Given your heart’s expansion.

As you share with each other

These subtle essences of energy

Are to be considered presents of sorts,

To open and explore and to use in your highest vision.

Many times, information, the way it travels in the physical body,

It is as if it bounces off walls

Like a ping pong ball waiting the find the right surface area to land

Where it will be absorbed and integrated into the cells deep, deep

Where it needs to land.

These energetic packages are universal of sorts.

They are intelligent light

So, they do not need to bounce around.

Finding their home where they can grow and resonate optimally

These are smaller 

so, these “universal components”

Wherever they land

They effortlessly are integrated,

This refinement of energy,

For the capacity to open

The capacity to feel

The capacity to emanate light and love

In a way you may have not noticed before

Or just fleetingly notice.

The effect of your brilliant being

To shine light

to make an imprint

To be of a candescent quality,

That is unmistakable and, in a way, timeless,

Although there is no time

It is carried forth in an undiluted form or an undiminished form.

I hope this communication strikes a heart chord with you. I know it did with me.

For a message that is personal and unique to you, book a session with me so that I can help you connect to the cetacean energy, guide you with heart opening techniques and help you realize new perspectives. Let’s connect today.


  1. Melissa on January 31, 2019 at 11:46 am

    Aaaaaahhhhhh! I love that! It does drop me in……….. further as you are saying

    • Kerry Keegan on January 31, 2019 at 5:24 pm

      There are so many more Simple and Centering tips to come to Melissa!

  2. Cherylann Brown on February 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    When you tell us about things like this, please give practical specific steps. Do we put our intention to receive/integrate these new energies into words aloud, focus on our body/emotions, breathe, etc?

    For me, the last ten days have brought all my vulnerabilities up, and the wounds are bleeding. IF it is coming up to be released, I will celebrate when it is done. In the meantime, I’m trying to stay open to that possibility….

    Thanks, dear Kerry

    • Kerry Keegan on February 3, 2019 at 8:13 pm

      Dear Cherylann,
      Sorry to hear of the emotional challenges and the vulnerability you are experiencing. Thank you for your question. I am understanding there are some general practical steps to explore and experiment with here. There are also specific unique approaches that may be of more help for you personally. Generally speaking, a good place to begin is to create a clear, clean and grounded sacred space. Set an intention of your choosing or for example, you may state out loud you wish to receive all the assistance available to you at this moment to remove all blockages, vulnerabilities, and wounds creating pain in your physical, emotional and energetic fields. As you develop your ability to go into your inner awareness in whatever way works best for you, an observer point or a compassionate witness perspective begins to emerge and this is where you can allow your consciousness to shift into a receive mode. There are many subtleties within each of the general steps, like breath patterns, physical techniques that are beyond the scope of this comment box. However, if it resonates we can explore the methods of your particular situation in a one-on-one consultation. Much love and blessings Cherylann.

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