From Indigo Child to Intuitive

From Indigo Child to Intuitive


Have you ever noticed how different your perception of an event is from someone else’s? Our inner realities are shaped by our experiences, but they are also guided from a much higher or wiser aspect of ourselves. 

I remember when I first realized how different individual inner realities are. As a young child, I asked my sister why she enjoyed watching cartoons. I couldn’t understand why she would choose to stare at the television watching what my child-self considered to be “dumb” when there is a much better screen inside your head. Her blank stare was a clue that maybe everyone didn’t see that internal screening that I saw. Thus, began my slow realization of just how different each of us views the world.

So, exactly what was going on inside my mind that wasn’t going on in my sister’s? As a child, I wasn’t sure, but I thought everyone saw what I saw. For example, I was fascinated with catching an aspect of a fractal and traveling on it. I tried to pick the prettiest colors, although it was a challenge deciding because the kaleidoscope, as I called it, was rich and vivid with colors in constant movement.

Because I could access multiple perspectives and answers to my questions and learned to move around in this space to see answers to my questions in a 360-degree view, I was quite often content looking into space for extended periods of time. But while I appeared quiet and still on the outside, internally, everything was alive, and communication occurred naturally. Eventually, over time, as I understood and refined my abilities, this is the skill I drew upon for communicating with various consciousnesses.

It must have seemed odd to my parents, and at age five, I was taken to a psychiatrist. This was in the 1960s, just before I entered kindergarten. My imagination was overactive, and no one knew what I was perceiving or what I would say next. I spoke of many things with great certainty but was unable to articulate the source of my knowing. At the psychiatrist’s office, I was given a Rorschach test. I still remember it vividly. I saw hundreds of images in the ink blots I was shown, but I was aware that if I didn’t answer in a way other kids my age would, I might not be able to go to kindergarten. I already knew I seriously needed to find my teacher or at least others who could understand, so I wanted to be able to go to kindergarten like the other children. That desire guided my every answer. For every “what is this?” I replied, “butterfly”.

Looking back, I have often wondered if I would have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder if it were better understood and more frequently diagnosed at the time. My family described me as often starring into space. Little did they know how that “space” was a rich and beautiful place that held so many answers.

As I matured and grew into my gifts, I learned most of our concerns in life result from the lack of ability to see the full picture. If we could see fully, there might be no problems. This knowing, but inability to fully explain it, was incredibly frustrating to me as a child and it is what made me very quiet and internal. I believe this may have been my early training of rarely sharing the way I navigate and draw down information from this inner world.

Back then, I didn’t have the words or the emotional container to share this world. Language slowed down the entire process (something I will share with you soon). But even with the challenges my unique gifts presented to me at an early age, I was certain someone else on this planet could also connect to my “friends of all forms”, as I affectionally refer to them. Now, many years later, I have faith and personal experience that there are many others ready for this leap. I have a deeper perspective and value for my gift. I no longer see any value in hiding this connected space. For those with a desire to know, I truly believe this connection is available to them with dedication to practice.

After all, what better beautiful being than a whale could there be to help you open the doors of perception and realize your birthright to connect to all the consciousnesses here on this planet? It is time to remember how to do this and to receive help from the teachers waiting for us to awaken.  Let’s follow Herman and see what he has to say.

If you’re unsure about opening this channel of communication, I am here to help. Get in touch today for your free initial consultation.


  1. Allie on January 10, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    Such a great piece, Kerry! Your recollection of seeing all the images in the ink blots reminds me of taking walks on a dirt path with my parents as a kid after it had rained and I would see all kinds of shapes and figures of animals in the puddles. I’d tell my parents what I saw but they would only see the dirt, mud and water. Same looking up at the clouds!

  2. Kerry Keegan on January 11, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    Such wisdom we have as children.
    Reminds me of this old adage…….

    “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

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