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Wisdom, Wellness and Whales

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One Word Can Change the World

By Kerry Keegan | Feb 5, 2019

If you had a message that you needed to share with the world, where would you share it? This is how one conversation began with Herman. “Wouldn’t you deliver your message to the editor of The New York Times, who could publish the message instantly all across the world?” Well, truthfully, I had never considered…

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My Eclipse Communication

By Kerry Keegan | Jan 29, 2019

My Eclipse Communication   I promise to get back to how I learned to listen to the heart messages of whales, but the eclipse communication I received last weekend is still blowing me away. The concepts, the energy and the ramification of the message are powerful. The bottom line is that we are collectively making…

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In Search of Herman My New Humpback Whale Friend

In Search of Herman My New Humpback Whale Friend

By Kerry Keegan | Jan 22, 2019

After our initial meeting, I was eager to learn more and develop this new friendship. My expectations were high

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Mastering the Eclipse Energy

Mastering the Eclipse Season

By Kerry Keegan | Jan 15, 2019

Learn valuable tips on how to harness the energy of this eclipse season for your personal empowerment.

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From Indigo Child to Intuitive

By Kerry Keegan | Jan 8, 2019

What better beautiful being than a whale could there be to help you open the doors of perception? Follow the story of how it all began

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My First Meeting with Herman, A Whale

By Kerry Keegan | Jan 1, 2019

Kerry Keegan meets Herman, a Humpback Whale for the first time. This begins a sharing of messages for humanity from our planetary elders and beloved friends, the whales.

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