Why do I have Migraines?

What is contributing to my insomnia?

Which of my supplements are the most beneficial?

Which herbs or remedies will help balance me emotionally?

Which auric cleansing stones are the most effective for me?

Which foods am I sensitive too?

Do I have heavy metals to clear from my energy field?


What is the best way to increase well-being and enjoy total health in our bodies?  What my research and experience has led me to understand is that an enormous component of that task is to understand how our energetic bodies work. If our energetic center lies in the heart, how do I work with the heart to help me heal? Following, how do I communicate consciously with the heart and what is the language of the heart?  That language is frequency.

How do we begin learning about managing our frequency, and becoming conscious of the frequency the heart holds? How do we encourage and enable healing from the heart? How do we begin to experience our human heart as our most potent gift?

I have created some heart opening techniques that can enable us to begin on this path - to bring our innate heart abilities back to consciousness that we may begin to heal ourselves and reside in alignment with the planet we live on.

I utilize precise intuitive insight and quantum biofeedback in powerful combination, bringing to my consulting sessions the experience of someone trained to see energetic patterns and grounded in years of working with the universal bioenergetic field. It is my sincere intention to share my wisdom to help you discover and maintain wellness for yourself and your family.

When we are living in alignment with the planet we are living on, we are living in a connected universe. This connected universe may also be termed the quantum field, the field where all consciousness is connected.

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How DOES Quantum Biofeedback Bio-resonance Technology Work?

I use the Genius Insight app with you to access quantum biofeedback bio-resonance technology.

Unlike traditional biofeedback instruments which measure the stress response to physiological parameters (brain wave patterns, heart rate and galvanic skin response GSR) The Genius Insight app seeks to determine your stressors identified through your voice signature pattern.

Once your stressors have been identified, the software has the ability to generate specific frequencies or tones via the device sound card to help restore balance and harmony.

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