We incorporate into the session a full body energetic scan using voice spectral analysis, an advanced form of biofeedback. The results are available to you instantly. Then you choose from over 50 wellness panels with over 1000 items to analyze.

Some of panels to choose from include mind assessment panels, spiritual and energetic panels, acupuncture, spinal alignment, meridian imbalances, aura imbalances, food sensitivities, gut biome, immune system, virus and pathogenic activity as well as an overall indication of today’s stresses. The results provided real time detail information concerning your health.

A typical session lasts 50 minutes. Once the analysis is complete, energetic healing tones are played to help stimulate your body’s own innate healing abilities.

Wondering if a specific herb or supplement is good for you? A customizable optional let’s us investigate specific questions like these.

Intuitive Wellness

Kerry Keegan, Intuitive Wellness Practitioner,
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