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Energy Medicine Workshop

Vibrational Medicine is not new!  To have it in the palm of your hands is? Learn how to be CEO of your health, scan your body, identify specific balance modalities for increased vitality, and wellness!

Learn How to Scan your own body Yourself! or Your Clients!


When: Saturday, January 19th, 2019  2 pm

Where:Swallowtail Farm Café: Milk and Honey in Portland, Maine

Come early for an optional Farm Fresh Brunch and Music Jam

Presenters Kerry Keegan & Allie Armstrong

Come learn what the ancients knew. The quickest and easiest way to optimal health is through vibrational medicine. Apply the knowledge of herbs, sound healing, and energetic clearing tools to transform your health and create the conditions for self-healing to occur.

Technology can help us. Want to learn the advances in quantum biofeedback technology today? And how to apply them in your life?

See your energetic field tuned and balanced:

  • Learn how to identify and source energetic impacts to your energy field
  • Identify your top stresses of the day
  • Learn specific herbs that assist your body to detoxify, restore, and strengthen

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Kerry Keegan
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Intuitive Consutant
Freeport, ME 04032


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