Hello and Welcome!

A little bit about me. My name is Kerry Keegan.  I am waking up as a divine human being. Being a mother has made me most glad. I also enjoy assisting others to live the life of their dreams through astrological mentoring, teaching yoga, and offering guided meditations to those who are dedicated to ascension, family members, groups online, and college students. I am a former survivor now a thriver. I deliberately choose to thrive on this planet. This decision requires enormous effort.

What I would most like to tell you about is my current work, my gift to humanity. I am deeply honored and grateful to share this gift.  It is an invitation from my beloved friend Herman, a humpback whale.

Herman is a divine male presence who shares his heart with me and instructs me in a metaphysical realm. Herman is loved by many throughout the globe especially in the ocean kingdom. Through “Hearting” with Herman, I learn many things.

Whales are ancient planetary wisdom keepers of the earth who hold within their enormous hearts knowledge which they would very much like to share with us. Herman’s invitation to humanity is to reconnect and restore our long lost friendship.

So I am here today to share my story and to take you on a journey so you too may be able to experience your heart and the capacity and ability of your heart to connect with the cetaceans and learn from them, listen to them and be fortified by them and let them amplify your heart’s message across the world.