The Introductory Biofeedback Package

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The Introductory Package will get you started with Biofeedback. We start from the beginning. We scan your voice which is a holographic representation of the status of your health. It will suggest your top stressors to your entire body. This includes physical factors such as spinal alignment, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, organs, glands, neurotransmitters. Spiritual and biofield factors such as emotions, meridians, spiritual protection, brain anatomy for starters.


This will indicate which advanced and custom libraries from which to choose to take a deeper dive into specific items that may be contributing to your overall health alignment, energy flow, and harmony. Together we will seek to optimize your energy flow and improve your life force flow for you to fortify your own healing system.



   Email me and Paypal me here and I will be in touch as soon as possible to connect with you to schedule our session. Please voice text me a 30-second voice clip. This is simply a recording of your voice imprint for the biofeedback analysis. Please speak clearly and state your intention for the session.  Please also email me from this page to include your birthdate, birthplace, and birth time (if known) in your email.

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