Vaccine Side Effect Assessment & Solutions


Are you wondering if you or your client are experiencing side effects from a recent 2021 inoculation? Here is a 2-panel library set looking into possible identifiers and possible solutions. There is new information coming out every day on possible side effects. With biofeedback and the Genius App we may find answers to some very perplexing questions as to what actually is occurring in the body after the injection.

Panel One: Virus Inoculation Side Effect Assessment

This consists of at over 22 library items. These items are being considered by prominent Functional Medicine Doctors as possible areas being affected after being inoculated.



Important Delivery Note: This Custom Library will arrive within 48 hours after the completed order is received. Your newly purchased library will arrive via an email from The subject will be “Genius Insight Shared Library Code.” Enclosed in the email will be a library code you will need to Import into your Genius App Library database.

This panel is offering possible avenues to consider for attention, healing, fortification, and balancing.

For example, some of these library items include
Auto-Immune diseases
Inflammatory diseases
Brain Microglia

Panel Two: Virus Inoculation Side Effect Solutions

This library panel consists of 39 items that will assist, boost and fortify our immune system after a recent inoculation. These items are being used and recommended by top Functional Medicine doctors including home remedies, herbs, healing modalities, various detox protocols, and other known relief suggestions.

these two panels will be updated frequently through the current 2021 year. All updates included.

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