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How do we move water from the intestinal lining, not just into the bloodstream importantly, but actually inside the human cell?

As we age, we lose the ability to get water from the vasculature or the extracellular environment inside of our cells. If we could stay perfectly hydrated in the intracellular environment, our aging would slow down if not reverse. The reason is that water is the ultimate in the scrubber system. The water is really the ultimate mechanism by which we get toxins out of our body, by which we clear the natural exhaust and kind of break down products within our cells through the metabolic process of breaking down fuel or producing fuel. All of these things create potential toxins or oxidants that need to be cleaned out of the system. Nothing on earth scrubs as well as water does.


This 3 panel creation builds off the work of functional medicine giants like Dr. Zach Buch and Dr. Mercola in their interpretation of “True Hydration’. The intention of this panel is to improve true hydration at the cellular level. 

  • Proper hydration is not simply infusing your body with water. More specifically, it’s about getting the water inside your cells. To do that, you need to improve the electrical charges across your cellular membranes.
  • Strategies that improve the electrical charge across your membranes include taking tetrahydrate humic compounds, reducing EMF exposure, increasing electrolytes, and boosting your fiber intake.

This panel explores some of these strategies.

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There are 3 library panels included in this True Hydration Custom Library Set. True Hydration Assessment, True Hydration Phase Angle Index, True Hydration Remedies.

We are looking to understand, identify and optimize the phase angle in the body as a measurement for true hydration in the body.

The phase angle … is the best technique for really developing a sense of biologic age. Dr. Zach Bush



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