Spring Equinox Meditation 2021

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A beautiful breathtaking meditation embodying the incoming energies on the Spring Equinox 2021. This is a meditation designed to be experienced multiple times as you embark on your walk of forgiveness towards the influx of incoming solar light.

The value of your presence can not and will not be underestimated as it takes a great act of courage to walk this far. We light a candle of light, a symbolic event of the return to light and truth.

You are guided to feel your center of love, your rose sanctuary of infinite love. Our light is bright and together it is brilliant.

Photo Credit: Crossings by JeanLuc Bozzoli

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This powerful spring equinox is ushering in a new paradigm of cosmic energies to assist us in our awakening process. We are entering a period of time when it is helpful to understand the quantum field. How can we explore our expanding multi-dimensional perceptions? Is it through expanding our awareness of unity consciousness?

This meditation is an invitation to feel ourselves bathed embraced and effortlessly residing in unity. Our new home.

2 reviews for Spring Equinox Meditation 2021

  1. Mary M

    What an expansion! Yet so gentle. This is one to keep!

  2. Heidi Symonds (verified owner)

    Love this! Your work is always so spot on!!

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