Lightbody MasterClass


This 12 class offering is designed to open ourselves to learning and embodying Light. How can we each become Master of our own Light? This spiritually advanced masterclass focuses on the new high frequencies coming through the sun and other cosmic and angelic friends align to the Law of One mission on earth. This will focus on our own internal connection and light quotients. It is designed to be created and experienced in our heart centers and will work with multidimensional time frames. The intention is to help learn how to connect easily and efficiently with the new instruction sets already located within each of us.

Included for each participant is a voice biofeedback frequency scan to assist in aligning with the celestial energies along with Bach Flower vibrational sound healing tones for soothing and integrating.

This Class is available to join live for the remainder of the classes ending in June 2021. First-class begins January 2021. Two classes per month via Zoom. All replays or the previous classes are available when registered.

Live Classes are scheduled for Thursday at 2 PM EST Via Zoom audio with replays provided.

Art Credit: Kimo Pepe


There will be two classes per month.


New consciousness tools to ease the transitions
Frequency Medicine
How to stay anchored in the new timeline
Energetic Mastery and Emotional Mastery
Fortifying and Embodying our Light body
Connecting together in Unity Consciousness
Connecting together In Planetary Consciousness with Earth, Sun and Planets


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