Crystalline Multi Session Value Packages


Sessions to Choose from

  • Voice Spectral Analysis Health and Healing Biofeedback Scan
  • Introductory Session with Whale Interspecies Collaboration
  • Personal AstrologicalUpdates



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The Crystalline Multi Package is a great value. Choose a 3, 6, or 10 value package. Choose any type of healing modality or mentoring area of your choice. A mix of session types is an option.

Biofeedback for deep healing, emotional coherence, spiritual cleansing and chronic issues.  Using the Genius Insight Quantum Healing technology along with your voice imprint we create a playlist for you to play on your phone. You are sent via email specific frequency tones based on your voice analysis to play at your leisure.

Astrological Perspective  – Meet you where you are astrology reading from the beginner to the more advanced.

Deep Dive with the Whales – Working in a multidimensional space we consult with our planetary elders the humpback whales. We begin to adjust our frequency to be able to connect heart to heart to learn on a variety of topics specifically suited to your spiritual vibration and next step. This is fun, light-hearted, and a very powerful transformational approach. It is a great introduction to quantum field learning, our birthright.

I will be in touch as soon as possible to connect with you to schedule our session.


Note: For Biofeedback Health Scans you may voice text me a 30-second voice clip. This is simply a recording of your voice imprint for the biofeedback analysis portion of the session. Please speak clearly and state your intention for the session.  Please also email me from this page to include your birthdate, birthplace, and birth time (if known) in your email.

Text Voice sample to 207.332-2892

Pricing: $399, $599, $999


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