Comprehensive Health Restoration 30 Days of Consecutive Biofeedback


30 Day of Biofeedback Balancing Sessions

  • Biofeedback Voice Scan
  • Energy Clearing Tools
  • BiWeekly Thorough Health Scan Updates
  • Energy Medicine Updates~ Do you have a serious health concern?
    ~ Do you wish to take proactive steps in restoring your health today?
    ~ Are you waiting for the results of a serious medical condition?
    ~ Do you need help tuning your body, mind, and spirit to optimally address and fortify your self-healing potential?

    This package is great for serious health issues and chronic health concerns that need the support of the available biofeedback sound technologies to move you quickly to optimal wellness. Fortifying your body each day for an hour of biofeedback tuning and balancing is a great choice in assisting your whole body to respond effectively to your well-being.


    Each situation is unique. Please feel free to contact me for a free 20 minute consult to answer all of your questions. This is a Remote call or Zoom Session.


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