Weekly Maintenance Energy Balancing Remote/Appointment Free


Monthly Priced Subscription Plans include:

1 or 2 Biofeedback Balancings per Week

  • Biofeedback Voice Scan
  • Relationship Clearing Tools
  • Post Vaccination Scans for Side Effects Evaluation and Solutions
  • Pre Surgery Optimization
  • Chronic Conditions ~ Heart, Cancer, Digestive, Lyme
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Energy Field Optimized Effortlessly

Would you like biofeedback scans performed remotely each week clearing your energy field from possible imbalances or anomalies while you are living your dream? This is a proactive health regimen that is performed on your behalf. The biofeedback scan is done with just your voice sample. A remote clearing session is performed and you receive a weekly update of your top stressors to your energetic field. You can choose one or two sessions performed each week. This is my personal favorite routine which keeps me healthy and informed on the status of emotional, mental, biofield, and spiritual field. It is invaluable.

Once we will begin your sessions, you will supply me with a 30-second voice clip each week. This is simply a recording of your voice imprint for the biofeedback analysis. Please speak clearly and state your intention for the session.  I will report back each week with your health updates and results. Once Weekly Scans $150 monthly. Twice Weekly Scans $220 Monthly

Text Voice sample to 207.332-2892

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1 Session, 2 Sessions

1 review for Weekly Maintenance Energy Balancing Remote/Appointment Free

  1. Kerry Keegan

    great for running Vaccine Side Effects Panels after innoculations

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