Astrological Balancing Alignment with Bach Flower Remedies


Astrological Harmonizing Program –

Custom Assessment and Soothing Libraries including Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balancing and Clearing of Specific Aspects

The Astrological Harmonizing Panels tap into energies of our local solar system’s planetary bodies to assess the current influence in our lives. This is valuable information which helps us to identify current astrological influences we are integrating now .

The biofeedback scan looks at the current planetary positions in relation to your natal chart also referred to as transits to your natal chart.  Top planetary imbalances or energies that your energy body is actively working to incorporate are identified. Then the corresponding Bach flower remedies are applied to your energy field through the use of the Genius Insight Health App. This hopefully provides a smoother integration process of our natural transit experiences.



Our consciousness fields are continually at work aligning with these stellar energies so that we can easily incorporate their gifts and benefits. Five different library panels are included in the Astrological Harmonizing Program. These libraries contain over 180 items. This potent harmonizing program  is my personal favorite library set.


Astrological Assessment ~ Over 48 top astrological influences are included for optimization.

Astrological Planetary Harmonizer ~ 40 library items

Bach Flowers Remedies for Soothing Natal Inner Planetary Aspects 59 library items

Bach Flower Remedies for Soothing Natal Outer Planetary Aspects – 37 library items

Bonus Panel Single Planetary Frequencies



Important Delivery Note: This Custom Library will arrive within 48 hours after the completed order is received. Your newly purchased library will arrive via an email from The subject will be “Genius Insight Shared Library Code.” Enclosed in the email will be a library code you will need to Import into your Genius App Library database.

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