I was first introduced to Anna, in this lifetime, in the two books created by Claire Heartsong and Anna: Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, and Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes. While I was familiar with Anna, through my Catholic schooling, these books opened an awareness in me that I was intimately connected to her and the band of individuals known as Essenes, with whom she lived and worked. I realized, with no doubt in my mind and, more importantly, no doubt in my heart, that I had also walked this path.                                                                           My connection with Anna has grown since that time of first reading those stories that triggered deeply held memories. Now I am honored, nearly beyond words, to work in very close relationship with her and often with her and Kerry Keegan, as we form a triad whose intention it is to assist in clearing the dross of the third dimension, from Gaia’s field and all beings existing upon her. This clearing allows for the ascension of the planet and all its inhabitants.                                                                                                                                                              As the many that engage in this work act separately, we also work as one collective consciousness, charged with the responsibilities we volunteered for, at various moments of our myriad existences. While I am, as stated previously, honored nearly beyond words, I remain capable of sharing those words that describe my experiences,  including with this particular triad, other groups, and as an individual. My purpose in doing so is to inject into the atmosphere my thoughts, dreams and experiences, so that others might become inspired to “wake up” and remember, as I was so inspired, while reading of Anna, in those books years ago.