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Multidimensionality is the New Normal

Spiritually tune, align and ground with new perspectives and techniques.

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Bantry, West Cork Meditation with Herman

West Lodge Meditation Kerry Keegan

Kerry Keegan is a clairvoyant, intuitive, and multidimensional teacher offering individual consultations, classes, and workshops.

Kerry has been helping clients worldwide for over 20 years by sharing personally specific empowerment tools, heart opening and calibrating techniques, insights, and meditations to demystify the apparent world in order to enter with clarity multidimensional realms and deeply connect to our expanding heart center and planetary consciousness.

Kerry draws upon her astrological wisdom, shamanic training, and cetacean connections to assist your current situation and spiritual alignment.

…. a beautiful experience. I can feel my heart and energies opening and unthawing, if you will, to the elementals. For me it feels like baby steps–this awareness flowering a little more deeply, a little more real.

thank you.


Canton, MI.


Kerry Keegan is dedicated to educating others in the field of metaphysics. By exploring and cultivating our inner dimensional awareness we are able to create our own personal platform on which to thrive.  Kerry’s mission is to share empowerment tools and meditations to reveal and illuminate the multidimensional world and our universe within.