Good Morning My Dearest Ones,

Let’s now connect to the water kingdom where there is an invitation waiting for you. Please come to the gathering occurring in the ocean. Nearly all the water spirits, ocean beings, divine creatures of infinite forms are here. There are many and this is great fun. This is new to us to include and invite many humans to participate with us. Observe closely clues that this gathering is occurring.  Many species are collaborating to grab your attention the owls, birds and many others.  There is something amazing happening. The communication is deepening within the differently kingdoms and manifesting with great mastery.  Watch our interconnectedness emerge again, the plant kingdoms, the animals kingdoms, the elementals the mineral kingdoms. See if you can feel what each of them are inspiring to make known to humanity.

In particular let us look now at the water kingdom. Many humans now are becoming conscious of the vast consciousness of  water on the planet and the many conscious inhabitants living within. This includes the seas, lakes rivers, etc. Currently, as loving members of the planet,  they too are gathering to have a say in the directions we, as a complex union of planetary species, co-create together.

As I connect with Herman, Herman my dear friend a great blue whale, tears stream down my face. Our hearts connect.  Love fills my being. We feel each others spirit. The amount of love overwhelms me with joy.  We resonate together. We expand together……..    The grandeur of Hermans’ heart………the heart of a whale……   so powerful, so majestic, so wise so loving. This resonance is truly commanding with honoring and wisdom.  I am filled with enormous respect  to be in the presence of a benevolent leader of so many.

As if a huge bell has rung, there is an unmistakable vibration in the ocean  as Herman sounds his heart tone.  Nearly all of the beings tune in within the vast water kingdom and beyond. Each experience the call in their heart infused love. The sea family is gathering.  Collectively hearts are uniting with this sound. All are allowing their conscious, love and wisdom to join together.  All are preparing for a level of exchange.  An exchange of love,  an exchange of acknowledgement, union and interconnectedness for the planet.  All in this magic kindgdom of the sea resonate and share  love for one another. We appreciate each others grace,  beauty,  song and graceful movements as if a constant symphony of exquisite beauty here beneath the sea.  We welcome and invite you to wake up and expand and extend your vibrational capacity and aptitude to join us. You may and many will feel called to be part of our communication networks here in this sea kingdom and we welcome you.  We are inviting your in and we are inviting you to play with us at this time of great awakening.

(A wake n in)……Play with this pun…….  You may follow, connect and absorb in each others wake my friends. This is a beautiful experience, a necessary development and a joyous thing.  Ride in each others wake and absorb each others awareness and beauty.  We in this gathering are here to help each other.   We are together,  we are one and we sharing our depth of consciousness.  We absorb effortlessly and share freely our hearts.  Our love grows in beauty, in song, in harmony.  Let’s celebrate our collective tapestry of love on this planet, this symphony of our collective creation.

We ask you to sit with this message and truly honor you for doing so.  We thank you for your attention and may your own heart find a resonance that delights and honors your journey into consciousness.

Many Blessings All,

Your Friends of All Forms


Photo Credits Frank Ocean