Awaken Your Pineal Gland with the Sun!

  Are you ready to dust off the jewel in your crown? Would you like to begin or more accurately remember how to see with the pineal gland in your third eye center?  One simple way to polish this gem is to invite the sun to assist you in turning your pineal gland back on.  This is a powerful tool, so going slowly, respectfully and intuitively is highly recommended.  Here is one method I use.

Find a sunny spot to relax where the sun is directly streaming onto your forehead. Get really comfortable. Ideally,  have some physical connection with the earth directly underneath you. I like laying down on a large flat rock. Grab pillows, blankets or whatever you need to really relax into the earth. Begin with the breath. Take your time and find an effortless rhythm for your breath. Several yogic or pranayama breaths work well. Now, let go more deeply into this cycle of breath. Imagine you are breathing quite naturally with Gaia, our mother earth.  Choose to experience a state of appreciation, gratitude, and/or acceptance. Allow the heart to expand with earth breath creating a wonderful space of pure joy.  Invite the consciousness of the earth and the sun to join in this space. Feel this relationship triad, your heart, the earth and the sun.  Feel the reverence, wisdom, and consciousness each of you has for each other.  Honor this sensation. This is yours. This is unique.  Breathe.

Feeling stable in this space, honored, accepted and at one, feel the area of your body where the pineal gland lies.  Invite the sun to touch it. Invite the sun to warm this area of your body so you can feel this gland with greater clarity.  Allow yourself to relax even more with each breath. See the pineal glad as a tiny pine cone opening like a lotus blossom.

Excellent! You are here, warming and awakening your pineal gland. Please remember to begin with just a few moments at first.